From Finland with Love

POP Furniture Company was founded in Helsinki, Finland in the Spring of 2013. We presently offer customized tables through our first brand: POP Table.  We hope this is just the beginning of our custom-furniture concept – our creative wheels are already turning toward expanding our product universe in the future.

Our philosophy

The POP Furniture concept was born from our experience as consumers. We know what it is to inhabit small spaces, to move multiple times in one year, to sleep in a bedroom, that doubles as a living room, that substitutes as an office, that moonlights as a dining room—and, maybe you know these things too. Unfortunately, through our experience, we have also come to know generic, low quality furniture—and, unfortunately, maybe you have too.
What we learned from these experiences is that we want to surround ourselves with products that are tailored to our unique sense of aesthetic, versatile enough to function for a number of different purposes in a number of different spaces, and durable enough to withstand regular use for many years to come. In short, we want these products to look handsome, work well, and last long—and, we figure you probably want that too.
With these experiences and desires in mind, we developed the POP Table concept. We provide you with a simple, flexible design platform from which you create your own unique POP Table. Because each POP Table is tailored to your chosen specifications from high-quality material, the end-product is far from generic. To be sure, in addition to its versatility, quality and agility, your POP Table truly is uniquely yours.


We are wary of Greenwashing, and we don’t want to be one of those companies that pays lip service to environmental responsibility just to market our products to environmentally conscious consumers. With that in mind, it is our view that the POP Table concept is conducive to the goals of sustainability in a number of ways. However, as a young company, we are cognizant of challenges we shall work to overcome in order to be ever more responsible in our product offering and business practices.

Reduce and Reuse are the central environmental strengths of POP Table’s concept. POP Tables are high-quality, versatile products that are intended to be physically sound and aesthetically appealing for hopefully lifetimes to come. For these reasons, and especially because a POP Table is essentially two tables in one, they can be reused in many different settings for a long time to come.

Local production is also something we take pride in, and that we feel contributes to responsible operations. The manufacturing of the actual POP Tables is executed locally in Kolho, Finland by the craftsmen at Mesitek Oy, our strategic partner. Local production not only lightens the environmental impact of the product, but it also allows for better quality control and transparency in the manufacturing process, which means more happy POP Table makers and owners.