POP Tables fit right in at The Fried Music

When POP Table launched earlier this year, one of our first business customers was The Fried Music. Fried is a music production company based in Helsinki’s Punavuori district. Fried’s roster of musicians includes prominent Finnish artists Anna Puu, Jenni Vartiainen, and Cheek. So, when they approached us in need of tables for their recently renovated 450 m2 studio complex, we were like, “Woah!”


Fried customized several of their own tables for the studio’s working and lounge spaces, using  a mix of classic black/white surfaces, and bold POP colors.


The flood of natural light and white walls in the kitchen and working space at Fried welcomes the POPs of yellow and orange color, while the classic black and white surfaces adhere more to the strict Scandinavian color pallete. All in all, it’s a pretty perfect POP mix.



POP Tables + Pop music = sensory heaven

Photo credit: Jenni Kauppila