POP Table field trip: Berlin

Although we chose the Sinus trestle because of its smart design and compatibility with our concept, it doesn’t hurt that L&Z’s office is in Berlin. (aaaaah, amazing Berlin).

After over one year of email exchanges, we finally had the opportunity to meet the L&Z team in person. On a very rainy November morning we sipped tea in their office in Mitte while we discussed business development and showed them the progress we were making on the POP Table site. It was exciting to share our progress and to hear more about L&Z’s concept.

We then went along with the L&Z guys to Kantine, the cantine (get it?) at architect David Chipperfield’s Berlin office. There we enjoyed a very traditional German lunch: boiled eggs, kale and mashed potatoes in a mustard sauce. It was surprisingly tasty, and perfect for a chilly afternoon. Of course, the space itself was impeccable–stark, minimal, dominated by concrete.

Field trip Berlin(1)
our lunch: Senfeier. check out the super cool utensils. they were specifically designed for use in Kantine. like, duh.

 During our long weekend in Berlin we also discovered another of the city’s gems: Michelberger Hotel. Recommended to us by a friend, Michelberger exceeded our expectations. It was hip, cozy, imaginative, welcoming, and wonderfully weird in that Coen Brothers sort of way. Although it’s also considered a “budget hotel,” we happened to be staying there on the same night as US indie rockers The National, so we figure it must be good enough for even the highrollers among us.

the breakfast room. how good with this space look with some POP Tables?...
the breakfast room. how good with this space look with some POP Tables?…
Field Trip Berlin(3)
our loft-style room. such a smart use of space.
Field trip Berlin(2)
a cozy sleeping spot for three.

We were too cool (read: shy) to take a photo of the band, so here’s a pic of our sparkling wine glasses instead. Cheers!

Field Trip Berlin(4)
“that guy has cool glasses.” “yeah he does.” “wait–is that Michael Berninger?” ” it IS.” “QUICK, let’s take a PICTURE…of our sparkling wine glasses…”

There’s so much inspiration to be found in Berlin. We’re looking forward to our next field trip already.