(POP) Art happens in the darndest places


POP Art is not dead, it’s just hiding in middle Finland. In Mänttä, Finland to be exact, at the beautifully constructed Serlachius Museum.  Is it a coincidence that this POP exhibition is a mere 15 kilometers from the magical place where POP Tables are made? Absolutely not. That’s not even funny. (We like to the think that the Universe supports our penchant for all things POP.)


A collection of work from international and Finnish artists, SUPERPOP! showcases many of the eye-popping, sugary sweet, anti-elite classics from the POP art era that we all know and love (or not). Along Serlachius’ vast white walls, you’ll find the colorful works of Lichtenstein and Warhol hanging alongside pieces from well-known Finnish POP artists. We were, of course, quite at home with the color scheme and genuinely impressed by this expansive, high-art exhibit–especially in such an out-of-the-way place.


It goes without saying that we were tickled pink to find such a great exhibition quite literally in our own backyard. (Speaking of pink, we’ve never seen Kim Jong Il look so ravishing.)