Kolho, Finland: where the magic happens.

There are many aspects of the POP Table project that warm our hearts, but one thing that we are perhaps most proud of is that all of our POP Table table-tops are made in Finland at a family-owned factory: Mesitek Oy. We have a long standing relationship with Mesitek, and we believe that our partnership is an integral part of the POP Table concept.

mesitek door

We visited the factory last week to prepare our first POP Table shipment. It was a long, exhausting day, but we left the premises feeling confident in the quality of our product, and wiser about the process by which each POP Table is crafted, one custom-order at a time. As you would expect in any premises where furniture is crafted, there’s plenty of noise, and flying wood chips flying around at Mesitek, but it also feels distinctly family-owned. Perhaps we feel this way because of the sweet Tibetan Spaniel who dozed lazily on the office floor throughout the day, or the amazing homemade salmon soup we were served for lunch…

We started our morning with a briefing on the first generation of our product-packaging as designed by the big boss at Mesitek–an experienced fellow in the business whose expertise we rely on. Prioritizing the safety of our POP Tables along their journey to their new homes, while keeping environmental impact and aesthetics in mind proved to be a challenge, but we were able to create a solution that satisfied all of those priorities. However, as we feel there is always room for improvement, we will certainly continue to experiment with packaging solutions just to see if there might be a more protective and more handsome solution somewhere out there.

mesitek factory

Next, we took a tour of the factory premises, which the owners often traverse on an old scooter, getting them to and from the factory floor and the main office with quickness. (We considered this a charming detail, if nothing else). There had been some renovations and restructuring of the premises since our last visit, and we were excited to see that POP Table now has its own dedicated space.


After our tour, we got to work inspecting our first POP Table litter. We stood by like proud parents as the finishing touches were applied, and even pitched-in a bit to shine up the surfaces in preparation for packaging.

mesitek jive

Once clean, the POP Tables were wrapped snugly in their protective packaging and labeled for delivery. We look forward to our continued partnership with Mesitek, and honestly can’t wait to get back to there soon to coddle and coo over the newest batch of POP Tables.

mesitek package

Have you received a POP Table of your own yet? If so, what comments do you have about the packaging?

Do you appreciate knowing where the products you buy are made? How big of a factor are Finnish-made or European-made products in your buying decisions? Let us know in the comments!