Helsinki Design Week 2014: in good company

In early September 2014, POP Table was featured in Helsinki Design Week’s Local Design Exhibition.

We all know that parental admonition, “You are judged by the company you keep,”  which is basically a less poetic, contemporary iteration of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s famous line, “Show me who a man’s friends are, and I will tell you who he is.” Although there have been times when we kinda hoped that this saying wasn’t true–like when we were hanging out with the bad kids who skipped school and stole candy–when it comes to our fellow exhibitors at Helsinki Design Week,  we would be honored to be judged by the company we keep.

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Helsinki Design Week is the  largest design festival in the Nordic countries, and this year, the festival overall attracted a crowd of 60,000 visitors.  The Local Design/Lähimuoto exhibition was the main exhibition of the overall festival, and was dedicated to featuring local designers. The exhibit was housed at the historic Teurastamo grounds in Helsinki and received 15,000 guests over 10 days. POP Furniture Company was geeked/honored/humbled to be among the 26 local designers on exhibit.

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And we got an award, to boot!

The Association of Interior Design Editors also awarded POP Table and the Tick legs (from designer Jakob Schenk) as among the 12 Best Interior Design Products of 2014. It’s no secret that we are new kids on the design block, so this was a distinction that we received with gratitude and a bit of surprise.  This is especially true considering that our product puts the design responsibility on the consumer to design their own POP Table–we merely provide the foundation of quality materials and designer legs, plus the freedom for the customer to create their own POP Table within our massive customization universe. In that sense, some aspects of our product aren’t necessarily high design, but we are encouraged by the designation of our unique concept as worthy of such an award.



The winning designs were featured in a separate design-container, styled by the Association of Interior Design Editors.


 We’ve got new legs!

Helsinki Design Week also served as the perfect platform for us to introduce prototypes of two new legs designs that we expect to make available through our website in early 2015. The color and finish of the leg surfaces will have the same customization options as our table surfaces. In addition, there will be an uncovered, wood-finish available. The legs also pack flat, for convenient shipping and storage. More information about these to come!




The Local Design exhibition was an outdoor exhibition, by which designers created their own exhibition space in old shipping containers. It was a unique presentation format that was well-received. Outdoor events in the autumn in Helsinki can be quite risky, but the design gods were on our side, and the sun was shining for almost the entire ten days of the exhibition.




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