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POP Table photoshoot

You haven’t seen a true diva until you’ve seen a POP Table in front of the camera.

After many hours of productive (and sometimes meandering) planning sessions, we rose early on a misty October morning for our first ever POP Table video and photoshoot. TK8 studios provided the perfect backdrop for our shoot. the all-white surroundings really made our POP Tables, well... POP

Our talented photographer Jenni Kauppila worked tirelessly to capture the colors as true as possible, and to find all the best angles on our sweet POP Tables.


For our video, we wanted to show as many versions of the POP Tables as possible. Our expert video director, Sam Shingler of Gang of Three, envisioned a stop-motion style film for us so we could show-off as many as possible in under 50 seconds. To capture his vision perfectly, we hired a super fancy Red digital video camera. Between takes, we painstakingly marked the position of the previous table before placing the new one in order to achieve the desired effect.





The following week, after hours and hours of imaging and editing, we ended up with a pretty spiffy final product: vibrant still images for our online gallery, and a dynamic video for our homepage.

We are forever immensely to Sam and Jenni  for their vision and talent, and their ability to make our POP Tables come alive on the screen.